Every time that Adam wants to move around he will end up in a downward dog position.  It is hilarious.  Check out his workout routine...stretch, plank, stretch and downward dog.

Happy 7 months to Adam!

Yesterday was Adam's 7 month birthday.  He is 21.5 pounds and 30 inches with 4 teeth...the top two came out that morning!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.

Nerdy gifts.

David went to Texas to visit Rachel and brought back a gift for Adam...a Star Wars shirt.

He also told me about the super-duper-absolutely amazing-radical Lego store.  He called me right after he spent some time in the store (probably about the same amount of time as I like to spend in a shoe store).  He brought these home.  A penguin for me (I have this crazy love for penguins), a wizard for himself (I think he secretly wishes he had wizardly powers...well, maybe that isn't such a secret) and Darth Vader for Adam (I'm not sure what he is trying to imply with that so I'll just not think too hard on it).  They now hang from our rear-view mirror in our car.  I love my nerd.

Toys and music.

Heather brought a TON of toys to give to Adam when they came from Kentucky last week.  It was like Christmas for him.  I am so excited about all the fun Adam is going to have once he is old enough to use them all.  Right now all he sees are more things that he can try to fit into his mouth.

Then while we were at the Truscott's, Adam really was loving pounding on the piano with his Daddy.  I really hope that Adam develops the same passion for music that David and I have.  David's family is full of very gifted piano players and it would be so much fun to see Adam develop musical talents.  I love watching these two play.  Our little man sure does love his Daddy.

What is a Daddy good for?

Help on.

A little push.

And, of course, help off.

What is a little sister good for?

Hard labor.

Ah, the love of a cousin.

Adam's cousin, Blaine, came over to our house the other day and it was such a joy to watch Blaine play with our little man.  I love how much Adam's cousins love him.  Whenever Blaine sees him, he puts on his 'big brother' attitude and will do anything and everything to entertain him.  I love that I was able to catch it on film (well, digital film that is).  The love they have for each other is pretty obvious.

Daniel Todd Adams

David's Uncle Danny passed away on August 3.  He was an amazing man, which we believe is why our Heavenly Father wanted him back with him so soon.  The funeral service was one of the most beautiful services I have ever been to.  You could feel the love and every single person in attendance had for Danny and every word spoken was a testimony of how much Danny meant to everyone that was fortunate enough to know him.  Ever since I met David he would tell me about his Uncle Danny and that he was the man he aspired to be like in all aspects of his life.  I know that Danny will continue to inspire and care for his family from above just as he did here on earth.  We will miss him.

Heather lives WAY too far away.

I love my sister, Heather, with all my heart.  Being as she is my only sibling, I can't imagine life without her and her family.  They live way too far away...Kentucky...and I get to see them maybe once a year.  They came to Utah for a wedding on the Erwin side and we were lucky to be able to go spend about a week in Salt Lake to spend time with them while they were here.  It was the first time Heather and her family were able to meet Adam and he sure did take to all of them right away.  I am sure he felt the love they all have for him immediately.  Alexis was like a little mommy to him whenever she was around...making sure he was happy, playing with him, always wanting to hold him and giving him kisses and kisses and kisses.  It is always bittersweet to see them.  I am in heaven when they are around and when I have to say goodbye I pretty much break down in tears.  I love them all so very much.  I miss you guys.

What comes after sweet potatoes?

A thumb, of course.

Rubber duck sacrifice.

 Adam is starting to realize that bath time can be fun.  We only have one bath toy right now and Adam grabbed it and shoved it right into his mouth.  Who needs hands when you can carry things in your mouth?

Because I can.

I really don't have too much to say about these photos except that I think they are really adorable.  I love how Adam sticks out his cute bum and he is always just hanging out with one leg in the air.  No reason, just because he likes it.

Daddy's boy.

Adam is a major Daddy's boy.  Whenever David walks through the door, Adam gets the biggest grin on his face and starts to shake with excitement.  Sometimes even a super high-pitched squeal comes out...right in my ear.  I love it.  These boys have the best time playing together.  Can you see how Adam adores his Daddy?

Move over Berbatov.

Just kidding, we want Bebatov to play for many years to come.  We are big fans of Manchester United.  Soccer is the one sport we really really hope that Adam likes.  The baby soccer ball I got him may just help to start the love early.  He loves this ball.  He'll be playing with it while on his back and when it rolls down his belly he can catch it with his feet.  He tries to coordinate getting it back into his hands, but he just hasn't got it down yet.  My boy has skills.  Man U can use another Nani, right?

Just keep swimming...

Well, Adam wasn't really swimming but it was his first time in a pool.  Janet set up her little blow up pool and we let Adam give it a try.  He seemed to like it, but for the most part he wasn't exactly sure what to do.  He splashed around a bit...then he was tired of it.  He much preferred being in the towel all cuddled up in Grandma's arms.  Can you blame him?