Our new life begins...

Here are a few photos from Washington.  We haven't done too much since we've been trying to get unpacked and all situated.  David and Janet did get to Seattle to check out Pike's Fish Market.  They said it was crazy busy.  Adam and I will have to go one day to see what all the talk is about.  

Adam is in love with the baby that sees in the mirror.  Every time he passes a mirror, he gives it a cheesy grin.  Or if he is crying about something, he will run over to see the baby in the mirror crying.  His new thing today is to look at the baby while sticking his head between his knees.  I keep trying to get a photo of that, but no luck yet.  I love this kid.

Yep, David put Adam on the vacuum to teach him how to ride it.  Thanks, babe.

Fountain near the Seattle Ferry station in Bremerton.  Adam could not get enough of it...although I had enough of it about the 5th time I walked around it.

We have a ceiling fan in the dining room of our apartment.  Adam is constantly pointing at it and saying, "what's that?"  He also knows that the light switch will turn it on and off so he'll point at that and come over to whoever is closest and want to be picked up so he can turn it on.  That's my smarty pants bubba.

Adam's new favorite car.  He plays with it all the time and here he is driving it on his chest.  That's what cars do...drive on the chests of babies.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was perfect.  It started out with David presenting me with a movie full of our life together...mostly of us and the darling boy that has made me a mom.  Then later I was given a red velvet mini cake (so yummy) and then David got me a necklace that I have wanted for 6 months.  Mainly, I was able to spend the day with the people I love and it was incredible.  We may have been unpacking boxes and trying to figure out our house, but it was a day that I will always remember.  Thank you, David.  You are the best.

And just to top it all off...at the end of the video of photos and videos, there was a section of photos that David took of Adam while I was gone for the day a few weeks ago.  He knows how much I love pictures, so this was amazing.  I have to share.

Moving time

David graduated on May 4th and we moved to Washington on May 10-11th.  I pretty much kept my camera in the bag for most of it, although I did get a few photos of Adam.  And let's be honest, he is pretty much the one thing I am sure to take a picture of.  Oh my gosh, I love the one of him asleep with his neck bent and leg up.  Notice the towel I put under his head to try to prop it up...didn't work.  I had bought him a neck pillow but it ended up flung somewhere in the car right after I put it around his neck.  Adam has quite the arm.

Back to the trip.  Not much happened and the drive was pretty.  We got to our apartment and we had some amazing people in our new ward there to help us unload.  Nice and easy.  I can't thank everyone enough for all the help...on both the Utah and Washington side of the move.  THANK YOU.  

Graduation Weekend-O-Fun

Well, graduation was at the beginning of May and I am now just getting to posting about it.  It was a crazy time.  Graduation was May 4-5, then we packed up everything to load the truck that Tuesday and left on Thursday.  More to follow on the move, right now I want to give graduation everything bit of attention it deserves.

David and his mom, Janet, graduated on May 4th.  David with a Master of  Science in Mechanical Engineering and Janet with a Doctorate of Education.  We started off with few photos before they headed off to get ready for the ceremony.  Go figure...

Here we are waiting for the procession.  The kids were very interested in the bug they found.

I guess Zander had learned part of the Thriller dance and whenever there is dancing involved, Kai and Rachel get in on the action.  Honestly, I wasn't sure what was happening while I was taking the photos...I figured it out later.  That's fine, I still got some good photos.

The Nani boys are amazing dads and uncles.  I love watching them interact with all the kids.  Makes me smile.

Here comes Janet!

And here is David...high-fiving everyone...he likes to high-five.

After they all went in to sit down, I climbed my way down to the front to get the good photos.  It took me some time, but I found David in the crowd and eventually he found me.  

Once the ceremony began, I realized that I was on the wrong side of the stadium if I wanted to get photos of  David and Janet walking down with their diplomas.  It had taken a lot to get where I was (especially in my dress and high heels), so I climbed back, ran up the stairs to the top and all the way to the other side...yep, in my high heels.  Then back down the bleachers to the front to then climb over quite a few people...yep, in my dress.  But hey, worth all the effort to get these photos.  Go me.


After the ceremony on Friday, we all went to the Pizza Pie Cafe to celebrate the graduates and to also celebrate Grandma Jessie's birthday.  Nothing like a pizza buffet to make someone feel better after sitting around for 2 and a half hours...okay, I was doing a lot of climbing, but that made me hungry...well, wait...I'm always hungry.  A pizza buffet always sounds good whether you have been sitting around for a long time or not.

For those of you that don't know, I have this intense fear of balloons popping.  I just can't handle it.  It's like waiting for a Jack-in-the-Box to pop out.  You never know when it will happen.  I startle really easy.  Anything unexpected scares me to death.  Balloons are never to be played with by children.  At any moment it will pop and I am sure my scream and jump will scare them more than the balloon and popping noise.  Oh man, my heart is racing thinking about it.  Look closely at David...he knew I would die and he is enjoying every moment.  Oh my gosh.


Jump forward May 5th...it's Cory's turn!  Cory graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History.  Oh yeah.  This time I wore better shoes and pants.  Made the whole thing so much easier.  What also would have made things a bit easier would have been Cory actually stopping and posing.  He even knew I was there, but just kept moving on.  So, most of the photos were blurry.  Sad, but I got a few good ones. Thanks, Cory.

After Cory's ceremony we all went to lunch with David's dad, Terry.  Like I said, I like to eat and the food was delicious.  Here are a few photos.  It is always nice to see all of David and his siblings together.  They make for some fun pictures.  

Just a few more photos of the weekend.

And finally....CONGRATULATIONS to Janet, David and Cory!  You three are amazing.