Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was perfect.  It started out with David presenting me with a movie full of our life together...mostly of us and the darling boy that has made me a mom.  Then later I was given a red velvet mini cake (so yummy) and then David got me a necklace that I have wanted for 6 months.  Mainly, I was able to spend the day with the people I love and it was incredible.  We may have been unpacking boxes and trying to figure out our house, but it was a day that I will always remember.  Thank you, David.  You are the best.

And just to top it all the end of the video of photos and videos, there was a section of photos that David took of Adam while I was gone for the day a few weeks ago.  He knows how much I love pictures, so this was amazing.  I have to share.


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