Moving time

David graduated on May 4th and we moved to Washington on May 10-11th.  I pretty much kept my camera in the bag for most of it, although I did get a few photos of Adam.  And let's be honest, he is pretty much the one thing I am sure to take a picture of.  Oh my gosh, I love the one of him asleep with his neck bent and leg up.  Notice the towel I put under his head to try to prop it up...didn't work.  I had bought him a neck pillow but it ended up flung somewhere in the car right after I put it around his neck.  Adam has quite the arm.

Back to the trip.  Not much happened and the drive was pretty.  We got to our apartment and we had some amazing people in our new ward there to help us unload.  Nice and easy.  I can't thank everyone enough for all the help...on both the Utah and Washington side of the move.  THANK YOU.  


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