Sometimes I feel as though I suck as a mom...

...but then other times I think I rock at it.  Today I rocked.  I rocked hard.  Don't be jealous.

That's right...don't forget to dust the Christmas tree.  Thanks, buddy.

Happy Birthday David!

David's birthday present from Adam and I was this shirt.  For those of you that know us, Tron is a big favorite for David.  This shirt is worn by Sam Flynn in a short on the DVD.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  We can't wait for the next movie.  I made David pose this way and he couldn't do it without laughing.  Yes, it was so I could make this very post.  I love him and how much he puts up with me.

On another note, David and Adam spent the morning just hanging out watching Toy Story 3.  I think David has seen it one too many times...but he is such a good Daddy and will do whatever Adam wants even though it was his birthday.  What a good man.  I got myself a keeper for sure.

Adam's Treats

We've been busy making treats and gifts for our friends and family around here during this Christmas season.  Today Adam dragged over his chair and decided to make something special.  It's pretty cute watching him imitate us.  Reminds me on how I need to watch all that I say and do around him to be the best example I can be.  I don't mind he picked this up...

Merry Christmas, Santa. Pound it.

Adam's Halo

Adam was playing a ring-toss game we got him and decided to wear one of the rings on his head.  It stayed on for a good half hour.  It's fall off and he'd put it right back on.  So cute.  He is an angel.  My little angel.

Janet's Gift

David's mom sent us a birthday present that is the most snugly blanket of all time.  I did open it before my birthday...sorry Janet...and once Adam woke up and got hold of it, well, he never let it go.  It's supposed to be for the couch, but now I don't know if Adam will claim it for his own.  We shall see.  But it is super cute to watch him love on it.  It is like he knows it came from Grandma Janet and that is why he loves it so much.

Batman, fireman, bunny?

After Halloween I went nuts on the sales for the Halloween costumes.  when we were shopping for Adam's costume this year, a lady was telling me how she buys up all the costumes after Halloween to use for her boys as dress up.  Good idea.  I never in my life would have thought of something like that on my own.  Thank you, anonymous lady.  You really made my little man happy.

Batman cape and mask: $3.00
Fireman hat: $.75
Watching Adam play with all his dress up clothes at once: Priceless

Okay, that was me being one of those people that overuse the Mastercard advertisement, but hey, it works.

The bunny ears were from Adam's first Easter.  They aren't anything new.

Tickling the ornaments

We tickle inanimate objects at our house.  How about you?  Adam still does it to this day...walks by and tickles one or two on his way to his room.

O, Christmas Tree...

Yes, we set our tree up before Thanksgiving and no, I don't feel one bit embarrassed that we did.  I love this season.  Adam really got into the tree...and still is.  He won't leave it alone no matter how many time-outs he gets for messing with it.  Good thing all the ornaments are plastic.

First things first.  Empty those ornaments...and then spin all of them at once.


Please take a moment to notice the amount of red and green balls on the tree.  

Please take another moment to see what our tree looks like today.  I used to put it back together every night.  Now, well, can see what I do now.


Adam LOVES to help me cook.  As soon as I turn on the lights in the kitchen, he is dragging a chair over to help me.  Even if it is just toast, he wants to help.  One day I came out from getting dressed to find him doing a bit of his own cooking with the snacks I had given him to eat and watch a show with.  Can it get any cuter?

What requires the inventiveness of this little man?  Pretzels and goldfish.

Time to scoop them out...

Now this.  Well, I don't know where he got this idea from.  I would never ever ever take a bite of any dough I happen to be making.  That would be unsanitary for the people I give treats to.  Rest assured...I do not do this.  He must get it from his dad.

First Black Eye

Adam got his first black eye and it was a serious one.  He and Daddy were playing and accidentally bonked heads.  David was fine since it was the back of his head.  Adam cried for a bit, but calmed down pretty fast and we didn't think it was a big deal.  It happened on Friday night after Thanksgiving.  No swelling, nothing.  We weren't even sure where the little guy got hit.  Then in the morning we woke up to this:

We figured he hit his eye.  Good guess, right?  Well, then later that day this:

Sunday, this:

He is such a tough kid.  He never acted like it bothered him.  He got a small fever that week, but nothing about his eye seemed to phase him.  Even though we as parents felt like the worst human beings on the face of the planet.  I still can't believe it.



This photo is here just because it is awesome.  As for how he is now, just a little bruising is left.  I am just so grateful there wasn't any more damage.  I still have a panic that he somehow is blind in that eye, but trust me when I say I constantly check his vision.  I am a paranoid freak.  Also, thank goodness I got a photo for our Christmas card the day before this happened.  Otherwise you all would not be getting one.  You are welcome.

November in review

November was pretty relaxing.  Rain keeps us indoors for the most part.  I finally got some rain boots today, so I hope that will help me venture out more than I have been.

As you can see, I still have a yogurt thief.  He grabs it from me and runs to the kitchen wall.  I don't fight it...mainly because it's pretty darn cute.  If it were ice cream...then we'd have a problem.  I don't share ice cream.

Relaxing.  I'm pretty sure almost all of these photos Adam is in pj's.  I promise I do get him dressed everyday.  I usually just think to bring out the camera right when he gets up or when he is going down.  You can decide for yourself if what I just told you is true or not.

Pots are a new fascination.  I wash them all the time.

Playing with Daddy.  He is still numero uno to this kid.


Checking out his belly button and then looking super creepy with the flashlight.

Food storage Adam style.

October in review

The rest of October was pretty simple.  Rain had started to set in and we spent more time indoors with not too much sunshine coming through the window for picture taking.  I did manage to get a few, although they aren't the best.

Adam was given a balloon at Fred Meyer for being a cute boy.  I think I mentioned that he has to stop and smell every flower or tree or bush that he sees.  We walked into Fred Meyer right where the florist shop was.  Well, spending about 5 minutes smelling all the flowers was quickly the florists idea of being absolutely adorable and she gave him a balloon.  My worst nightmare.  But thankfully it was mylar and Adam wasn't able to pop it even though he tried to eat it many times.  

Adam keep trying to stand on the empty diaper box and I kept telling him it wasn't safe.  Well, he found out why.  Don't worry, he cried for about 10 seconds until he thought it was fun being in a box.

We played in Adam's room a lot.  Blocks and cars are a big winner these days.

Adam used his Monkeys to slide his face along the kitchen floor.  I should have gotten them wet so I could have gotten a good mopping out of it.

And Adam spent a lot of time stealing all my food.  That was pretty much the rest of October.


To be honest, I had grand Halloween plans for our family and then I just got busy and ended up putting Adam in the costume we first got him.  It was an adorable dragon costume that was too small for him, but worked great.  We went to the Trunk-or-Treat and Adam made it to about 5 or 6 cars before he was just done.  It was a rainy night, so David and I were cool to head home early and warm up.  He also didn't score loads of candy...which was nice that I wouldn't be able to eat it all up by myself (because I would).  I didn't get too many photos.  Literally, the ones below are two of the four...and the other two are completely out of focus.  Here is my Bubba.  Oh my gosh, he is so cute.

I did make Adam his own Trick-or-Treat bag and I felt that made me a tad better mom.  I had just figured out how to print on fabric for another project that I was working on and remembered that last year I bought an iron-on transfer of the most adorable Halloween image and scanned it.  I logged it in the back of my head that I would SOMEDAY do something with it and I did.  It's a miracle.  Thanks to the rain, I found out that the printer ink will bleed when it gets wet...which I did a little more research and found out how to treat the fabric beforehand to prevent that.  The bag is ruined from the rain, but my other project was saved.  Live and learn, right?  I'll make another before it's Trick-or-Treat time next year.  And Adam will have a costume that fits.