Batman, fireman, bunny?

After Halloween I went nuts on the sales for the Halloween costumes.  when we were shopping for Adam's costume this year, a lady was telling me how she buys up all the costumes after Halloween to use for her boys as dress up.  Good idea.  I never in my life would have thought of something like that on my own.  Thank you, anonymous lady.  You really made my little man happy.

Batman cape and mask: $3.00
Fireman hat: $.75
Watching Adam play with all his dress up clothes at once: Priceless

Okay, that was me being one of those people that overuse the Mastercard advertisement, but hey, it works.

The bunny ears were from Adam's first Easter.  They aren't anything new.


Kascia and Travis Lybbert said...

KAREN! Thank you so much for the cutest Christmas card ever. That was such a cute picture. Thanks for sending it. I'm sorry I'm not getting to those this year. Hopefully I'll get on the ball next year? Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your blog. I haven't checked it out in a long time. Adam is getting so big. And his poor little black eye. That was a good one. Your pictures are all so darling. YOu are such a good photographer. I really need help with my blog. I want to get doing it again but I hate it. I need some help from you. Have you made any of your blog into a book. I would really like to do that with mine. Because it really is the only record I've kept of the kiddos. So anyway, I need to figure out how to make it good. Sometime if you get three seconds, will you give me a call and give me some pointers??? Muah!!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas. And I hope Washington is treating you all well. Love ya!!

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