Adam LOVES to help me cook.  As soon as I turn on the lights in the kitchen, he is dragging a chair over to help me.  Even if it is just toast, he wants to help.  One day I came out from getting dressed to find him doing a bit of his own cooking with the snacks I had given him to eat and watch a show with.  Can it get any cuter?

What requires the inventiveness of this little man?  Pretzels and goldfish.

Time to scoop them out...

Now this.  Well, I don't know where he got this idea from.  I would never ever ever take a bite of any dough I happen to be making.  That would be unsanitary for the people I give treats to.  Rest assured...I do not do this.  He must get it from his dad.


Jana said...

That is beyond adorable. I love when they pick up on random quirks. Bennett kept scooting his plate/bowl away from him when he was done and for some reason it irked me.. until one day we were eating breakfast at the bar and when I finished my cereal I pushed the bowl towards the sink... click. I get where he gets it now.

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