Tacoma Narrows

Ever since I have known David he has been in love with bridges.  One of his favorites has always been the Tacoma Narrows and he was always watching the video of the original falling apart.  We got the idea from a friend of ours to go walk across it and then hit the beach below it that gives you an amazing view of the the two bridges.  It was a really great morning.  I love the North West.

Getting ready to start the walk across the Narrows.  Can you see the excitement in David's face?  And if you look close you might find some in Adam's, although he had no idea what we were doing.  He just knew he was getting to eat Bottlecaps.

Entertaining the little guy on the walk.  I love his laugh.

Two parts of the bridge that David specifically wanted me to take photos of.  So I did.

Splashing in the puddles.  We were trying to tell him he would have plenty of splash time after the walk.

I love these two.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing how much they love one another.  I am so blessed.

We got in the car to hit a Subway and then head to the beach.  Adam was already so tired.

Then he got out of the car, found the stroller and he was ready to go again!

Playing at the beach.  Adam is obsessed with throwing rocks into the water.  It's cute and he has quite the arm.  Stud.

He kept asking me, "where is it?".  I wasn't sure what he was looking for, but I played along for the fun of it. I will take play time I can get.  Once Daddy is around, I don't get much.

Here we were trying to get a family photo in front of the bridge.  I have two remotes, but both had dead batteries and I was running back and forth.  Adam thought it was hilarious and that when I was running to them I was trying to play.  The first time he just dived into me with a big bear hug...which was one of the best moments in my life and I am beyond in love that we captured it in a photo.  The second one he was still playing...I think he was trying to tickle me.  We didn't get a regular family photo, but these ones are better than any others I have ever had.  I love my little family so much.  They mean the world me to and I can't imagine life without them.  They are me.


It is pretty difficult to get Adam to look at the camera...let alone smile at it.  Usually I will get out the camera and he'll purposely turn away from me.  I'll call his name and he'll completely ignore me until the camera is put away.  Today in the car he couldn't turn around, so I guess he decided making faces was the best way to get mom to stop with the pictures.  He is just going to need to accept my photo taking compulsion that I have because I'll never stop.

Boys will be boys.

Just spending a little time building with Adam this morning.  He can play with these all day long.

Kentucky Fun

I was able to go to Kentucky to spend just under 2 weeks with my sister and her family.  It was so much.  The last time I saw her was in Arizona just about a year ago.  I really wanted Adam to get to know his cousins a little bit and to let them get to know him.  It was so much fun...the only sad part was that David had to stay home and work.  I wish he would have been able to come.

I was flying out of Seattle on a Friday at 6am, which meant I needed to get to the airport about 4-4:30am.  We decided to spend the night in Seattle and David would drop us off in the morning.  It was really fun to see a bit more of the city.  We went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Yum.  Here is Adam waving out the window of our hotel...he is really into waving at everyone and everything.  Pretty sure he was yelling 'HI!", as well.

Watching the people pass by while we were waiting for our food.

First thing the kids wanted to do when we got to the house was play outside on the swing-set.  They have this wonderful swing that is like a boat or something.  Adam LOVED it.  He would run right to it every time we went out to play.  Alexis was all about taking care of him, too.  I think he was a little too heavy for her, but she tried...and tried...

Playing in the go-kart.

I found Adam in the truck in the garage...he had found a Hello Kitty helmet and thought that it was a good idea to wear while driving his truck.  Silly kid.

So, Adam hasn't used a Bumbo since he was about 4 months old.  He had figured out how to get out of it pretty quick.  I don't know why, but he would carry Heather's Bumbo everywhere.  He'd just plop it down and get in.

Alexis being Alexis.

I love this photo of Ashton laying in Mike's lap.  Something about a father-son relationship melts my heart.  I love it.

Oh, the stroller.  Adam LOVES to push things, especially things with wheels.  He could not get enough of the two play strollers that Heather has at her house.

More outside fun.

Climbing.  He gets braver by the minute.  And yes, he did climb it all the way up.  No pictures because once I saw what he was doing, I went to make sure he wouldn't break his neck.

We went to the museum.

A few weeks ago David showed Adam how to use a q-tip.  Now Adam thinks everything should go in his ear.  Thanks, babe.

Mealtime was especially difficult.  Adam never wanted to miss out on any of the fun and when I would get him in the seat to eat, he'd eat for about 2 minutes and then do all he could to get out and go play.

Give Adam anything cute or soft and it will get a hug...or a Matchbox car.  Those get kisses, too.

Climbing.  I was telling him to get down and this is the look I get.  Usually he'll avoid looking at the camera, but if he is doing something he knows he shouldn't be, I get this look.

Train tracks are hula-hoops, too.

Heather bought the kids a bag of balloons.  First thing they do, teach Adam to lay on one.  Pretty sure the photo is out of focus because I was trembling.  I can handle popping balloons.  I just can't.

Playing on Aunt Heather's bed.  Almost like quick sand...going...going...

Now what?  That's right.  I took a photo instead of helping him out.

Kisses and hugs.  I wish I were a toy so I could get that many from Adam.

The balloons pretty much stayed around the whole time I was there.  I tried to hide them, but the kids would just go blow up more.

Tackle hugs.

I heard Adam in Alexis' room babbling away.  I went in to find him on the phone.

Seriously.  Enough with the balloons.  This bunch heather brought back from an activity.  He was in heaven, I was somewhere completely different.

One night Alexis wanted me to sleep in her room on her bottom bunk.  I was laying there and all of a sudden she drops a little parachute toy with a note clipped to it from her top bunk.  Then she did it again.  It was so cute.  I love that girl.

Adam finally got a ride on the go-kart.

Alright.  For those that don't know, I can lay out some pretty intense burps.  John was begging me to show him and I finally agreed.  I don't normally burp out loud anymore, it just isn't very lady-like, I suppose.  I have been told that anyone who was a trained singer can usually lay them out.  I suppose that may be where it came from.  Who knows.  All I know is that once I did burp for the kids, Adam was running around the house pretending to burp.  It was hilarious.  He'd tense up his whole body, open his mouth as wide as he could and scream.  Oh, it was awesome.

Since the kids' rooms both had bunk beds with ladders, I was constantly locking the doors to keep Adam from climbing them.  They were the push button locks and I would always have to unlock them when the kids wanted to go in their rooms.  One day I look over and Adam has found a toothpick and was sticking it in the hole to unlock the door.  I have to say it, my kid is a genius.  

Adam and Ashton got a lot of time together.  Adam quickoly learned to say his name.  He would wake up and go "As-ton As-ton As-ton" every morning.  Look at them.  Adam had just run over and tackled Ashton with a hug.  Oh, my heart is happy.

Trip home was hectic, but good.  We had a lay-over in Denver.  We had just sat down to eat our food and I see  bird jump right past me.  A bird.  Then another...and then another...  What?  

By the time we got on our flight in Denver, Adam was spent.  Can you tell he isn't thrilled that we still had about 5 hours before he'd be home in bed?

It was an amazing time and I love that we were able to spend it with them.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, they live way too far from me.  I love them with all my being and miss them more than anything.