We are trying to move Adam from two naps a day to one nap.  Poor kid.  He usually had an hour and a half nap at 9am and at 1pm.  Now I am trying to put him down between 12 and 12:30.  Trying to keep him awake that long in the morning is proving to be so hard...and so HILARIOUS.  At about 10am it starts...he slows down in everything he is doing and he gets super clumsy.  The best part is when he starts to trip over his feet that he is dragging and then slowly falls to the ground and then he will just lay there as though he is thinking, "yep, this is a good idea."  Today he just stopped what he was doing and sat on the porch.  Didn't move a muscle for about 3 minutes.

He was crawling under the stool for the computer and pretty much decided he no longer wanted to crawl or do anything but just lay there.  


Terina said...

Aww poor tired baby! Transitions are always hard!

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