Like mother, like father, like son.

We really see a lot of ourselves in Adam.  Some days I feel as though he looks just like David and others just like me.  What do you all think?

Here is David (left) and Adam (right):

Here is me (left) and Adam (right):

Hanging with Leo

Adam's little buddy, Leo, came to play with us today.  Most of the day consisted of this:

And most of the day also consisted of Adam taking every toy Leo looked at.  We are working hard on the sharing thing.  He'll get it one day.



Well, I don't think these pictures need much of an explanation.  Just know he was laughing the entire time and carried the bike right back up the hill for another go...and being the super-mom that I am, I just took pictures.

Milk and cookies with a cute girl.

Adam seems to have a crush on our friend, Danielle.  He rarely says anyone's name, but he sure knows her. She lives in the apartment complex with us and he often sees her walking her dog.  When he does, he starts to yell her name, "Dan! Dan!"  It is so adorable.  She brought us dinner on Sunday and after she was brave enough to share a glass of milk with Adam to dip cookies in.  He was in heaven.  I am so grateful for friends that are so loving to my little man.  It melts my heart to see him light up when people engage with him.  I love it.

Just chillin'.

Yesterday Adam was playing with one of our friends and she put her hands in her pockets to grab something.  He quickly looked for pockets on his pants and started to walk around with his hands in his pockets to copy her.  It was absolutely adorable.  I love how observant he is and how quick he is to figure out how to do things himself.  He is so smart.

Gettin' his hair did.

Adam loves to try to style his and daddy's hair.  He is getting pretty good, don't you think?  I usually try to just sit back and watch.  I have heard way too many horror stories of what happens when a toddler gets hold of a comb and lets loose on long hair.  I vividly remember Abby's tale of a breaking a comb into itty bitty pieces to save her from getting a nice new short bob.  I do what I can to entertain my little man, but I draw the line when it comes to my hair.  Stick with Daddy, kiddo...even if you manage to tangle up his, I know he'll look better than I would with a buzz cut.

Learning to trace.

Everyday we try to learn something new.  Lately, we have been teaching Adam how to trace.  He thinks that it is pretty darn cool.  We'll trace my hand, Daddy's hand and Adam's hand.  Today he was actually trying to do it all on his own.  I am very proud of my little man.  He is picking up new things left and right.  It is hard to imagine how quickly his little brain picks up things.  Being a mom is the most amazing job in the whole world.  These little children are learning every single second of every single minute of every single day.  I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to always be learning!  Knowing how much of an influence you are on these little human beings makes you feel super inadequate.  I pray everyday to the knowledge to know how best to teach our perfect little man.  How I love him!

Boys will be boys.

Hanging out with our buddies.  These two are such boys.  Such adorable little boys.

He's a genius.

Adam has been picking up so many things these past few months.  We have a Kindle that has a bunch of games.  He solves the puzzles, he can pick out the differences in pictures, he can do the matching game, etc. I think he is brilliant.  Check this out.

So cool.

Not sure how I have such a cool kid...his dad and I are nerds to the core.  He is cool.  Too cool for school.

Sick Days

Adam woke up last week at 1am throwing up and kept throwing up every half hour until that afternoon.  The next few days he went through about 20 pairs of pants from all the blowouts.  Poor kid really didn't have anything to eat for about 3 days and he still is working on getting his appetite back.  It has been terribly sad.  I hate it when he is sick.  I feel so helpless...but I do love the snuggles I get.

Helping out Daddy

Adam loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him.  I don't mind.  David is pretty amazing.

Mischief in the shape of a boy.

One morning Adam was on a roll.  It started when I looked over and he had figured out how to use our water bottles and had emptied the water all over himself and the floor.  After I cleaned him up we did a few puzzles on the Kindle.  After about 10 minutes, I told Adam that it was time to put the Kindle away.  I left the room for some reason and went to get a drink from the fridge and found the Kindle on the bottom shelf in there.  So cute (but good thing I found it right away).  Then I was getting ready and realized that it was silent in the living room...which any mother knows means their child is doing something they shouldn't be.  Getting into things, making messes, etc.  Adam?  He navigated his way off of Netflix and onto Google on the Internet Explorer on the PS3.  Then...about 5 minutes after that while I am still trying to get ready for the day, I hear him going "YUMMMM!!!!".  He had gotten into the pantry and climbed up to get my diet bars and opened it.  All this happened in the space on less than an hour.  He is one cute boy...I need to learn to get ready faster.  Or just not get ready at all.  I think that is more likely the solution that will work best...I mean, it's pretty much how I am most days.

Easter 2013

We were so lucky to have INCREDIBLE weather on Easter this year.  The sun was shining, it was warm.  I bet I could have put Adam in shorts, but I didn't.  You can see how red his face is from all the playing he was doing with Scotty.  These two boys have been friends since we moved here...although Adam spent a few months in a hitting phase.  Poor Scotty got the brunt of it.  Now these two are finally getting along and playing like two little boys should!  Just in time for the Liengs to move away.  We are going to miss these guys like crazy.  

We started out on the slide. 

Then time for the Egg Hunt.  Courtney really set it up for the boys.  Over 50 eggs for just the two of them.  She rocks.  She rocks hard.

Then we moved it inside and the boys just chased each other around for probably a good hour.  They both ended up naked because they got themselves so hot.  It was a great day...a perfect day.

Happy Easter from Adam and Scotty!

Life is more fun with friends.

Adam is lucky to have lots of little friends in our ward.  I love that when they all get together it is just like one big party.  This kids were ready to get out and play.

This little Mustang was a big hit with all the kids...but especially Adam.  He would not leave it alone.  No matter who was driving in it, he was there to watch...or climb on...or chase...or stand by...

And in true Adam form, he was hitting up the ladies...but always a gentleman and let her take the wheel.

He would push it whenever anyone was driving it...and finally he just couldn't keep up and fell down.  He seriously would not let go and was dragged a bit of a ways before he realized they weren't going to stop.  So finally he let go...was he upset?  No.  Hurt?  Nope. 

He jumped up and chased it.  He chased it for a long, long, long, long time.  It was hilarious.  Pretty much until it was time to go home. 

Life is good.

I am in love with Washington.  When we do get some nice weather, it is so beautiful!  Adam is loving every minute of it.

He is growing up so fast.  Look at this guy swinging on a big boy swing!  Wasn't he born just yesterday?