Life is more fun with friends.

Adam is lucky to have lots of little friends in our ward.  I love that when they all get together it is just like one big party.  This kids were ready to get out and play.

This little Mustang was a big hit with all the kids...but especially Adam.  He would not leave it alone.  No matter who was driving in it, he was there to watch...or climb on...or chase...or stand by...

And in true Adam form, he was hitting up the ladies...but always a gentleman and let her take the wheel.

He would push it whenever anyone was driving it...and finally he just couldn't keep up and fell down.  He seriously would not let go and was dragged a bit of a ways before he realized they weren't going to stop.  So finally he let go...was he upset?  No.  Hurt?  Nope. 

He jumped up and chased it.  He chased it for a long, long, long, long time.  It was hilarious.  Pretty much until it was time to go home. 


Misty said...

Seriously such a perfect day

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