Mischief in the shape of a boy.

One morning Adam was on a roll.  It started when I looked over and he had figured out how to use our water bottles and had emptied the water all over himself and the floor.  After I cleaned him up we did a few puzzles on the Kindle.  After about 10 minutes, I told Adam that it was time to put the Kindle away.  I left the room for some reason and went to get a drink from the fridge and found the Kindle on the bottom shelf in there.  So cute (but good thing I found it right away).  Then I was getting ready and realized that it was silent in the living room...which any mother knows means their child is doing something they shouldn't be.  Getting into things, making messes, etc.  Adam?  He navigated his way off of Netflix and onto Google on the Internet Explorer on the PS3.  Then...about 5 minutes after that while I am still trying to get ready for the day, I hear him going "YUMMMM!!!!".  He had gotten into the pantry and climbed up to get my diet bars and opened it.  All this happened in the space on less than an hour.  He is one cute boy...I need to learn to get ready faster.  Or just not get ready at all.  I think that is more likely the solution that will work best...I mean, it's pretty much how I am most days.


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