Easter 2013

We were so lucky to have INCREDIBLE weather on Easter this year.  The sun was shining, it was warm.  I bet I could have put Adam in shorts, but I didn't.  You can see how red his face is from all the playing he was doing with Scotty.  These two boys have been friends since we moved here...although Adam spent a few months in a hitting phase.  Poor Scotty got the brunt of it.  Now these two are finally getting along and playing like two little boys should!  Just in time for the Liengs to move away.  We are going to miss these guys like crazy.  

We started out on the slide. 

Then time for the Egg Hunt.  Courtney really set it up for the boys.  Over 50 eggs for just the two of them.  She rocks.  She rocks hard.

Then we moved it inside and the boys just chased each other around for probably a good hour.  They both ended up naked because they got themselves so hot.  It was a great day...a perfect day.

Happy Easter from Adam and Scotty!


Misty said...

Boys are so cute and fun and wild and busy! So cute!

Glad you had a great Easter!

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