Playing catch with Daddy

Daddy really can do no wrong in Adam's eyes.  Seriously.  If they weren't so incredibly cute together, I think it would be easy to get jealous of how much of a Daddy's boy Adam is...okay, okay, I do get jealous sometimes...but I love how cute they are together.  Whenever Adam hears keys at the front door, he runs over to it and as soon as David walks in he is yelling "HI DADA!"  Oh my.  They are my most two favorite humans.  I love it.  I mean look at the joy on Adam's face when he is playing with his Daddy:

Check out his chunky thighs.  They are way adorable and very very ticklish.


Adam and Mr. The King

Cars has become a major part of our life recently.  We knew it was inevitable.  He loves cars, trucks, bikes...pretty much anything with wheels.  A friend of ours gave Adam a toy car of The King from Cars.  Well, the next day it was just about the only thing Adam wanted to play with.  He spent a long time just driving it all over the house.  Thank you Lewis Family!

Adam meets Jake

A few months ago when my mom was visiting my sister, my mom took the kids to Build-A-Bear.  While they were there they decided to build a bear for Adam.  It was pretty cute.  They Skyped with us that night and showed us the bear they made and they had named him Jake (which is also the name of the pet snake in the house).  Well, when mom got to Washington, Adam was finally able to open his bear and meet Jake.  It was love at first sight.  I love watching my little guy give hugs.

We put Jake in Adam's backpack and he was ready to go with Grammy.

Discovery Bay, continued.

My mom and I spent a day touring the area that will be the location for a family reunion next year.  It was really beautiful.  I had never been to Port Townsend before and I was not prepared for the fun.  I had brought a swimsuit for Adam for the pool at the hotel, but didn't even think about whether or not we would be going to the beach and actually go in the water.  Luckily his trunks were only a little bit wet from the pool and I had a shirt for him to wear since I didn't think to bring sunscreen.

This is when I was snapping away with the camera and Adam took a running leap into a wave.  At that point I dropped the camera and ran in after him.

After we went in the ocean we thought we were going to head home.  I didn't have a shirt for Adam besides his pajama shirt, so I went with that and the shorts I had brought for the day.  Matches perfectly, I think.

No one can say Washington isn't beautiful...if they do, they are a lying liar.

First day in Discovery Bay with my mom.  It's pretty incredible.


David and I were in Seattle yesterday and we were driving past this restaurant and David HAD to stop to get a picture of this sign.  I just don't understand how a printing company would let this go to print when it is obviously spelled wrong.  Or the the customer didn't double or triple check the spelling before they sent it to the printer.  And THEN they actually put it up!  What can they be thinking?  Obviously they weren't thinking...

Who says Mondays aren't fun days?

Monday was full of friends.  Swimming and then dinner.  I love having a full house and I love feeding people. It was a great time.

Tricycle Riding

Adam got a new (used) tricycle on Friday.  Suffice it to say he wanted to ride it all the time.  Once he was out of the bathtub, guess what he wanted to do?

On a different note, check out his booty.  It's all Nani.  I, sadly, have no butt.  For those who know me well, I dream of having a large J-Lo booty and i may one day buy one.  Until then, I will have to live vicariously through the adorable bubble butt that my baby boy has.  I'll be teaching him one day to shake that money maker.

Scotty is 1!

Happy Birthday to our little buddy, Scotty!  His mom, Courtney, and I go on walks a lot and have gotten to be pretty good friends.  Our ward is full of the kindest and most welcoming people I have ever met.  I am grateful to all of them and to all the kindness that has come our way.  Making friends has never been this easy and I give all the credit to the willingness of the people here to make us feel welcome.  Thank you all.

Anyway, back to the birthday boy.  Here he is and he is pretty darn adorable.  It was a lot of fun watching him celebrate his big day with presents and chocolate cake.  Give a baby a piece of cake and you know you are going to the best pictures...and lots of laughs!  He didn't waste anytime digging in.

This is Trudy, Courtney's puppy.  Adam loves dogs and Trudy was sweet enough to give him a little kiss.  It was cute watching Adam be so soft with her.  I still don't want a dog, though.  I will stick with letting Adam get his puppy love in at our friends houses.

Ollie is Robin and Spencer's little girl.  Robin comes on the walks with Courtney and I.  She is also one of those people who are super nice and she knows how to make a new girl feel welcome.  I think Ollie was watching Scotty open his presents and thought that there might be a present waiting for her under Spencer's nose.  I'm not so sure she would like what she'd find...

Adam making friends.

Scotty was determined to eat his way to the present wrapped in there...

Ollie being her beautiful self.

Swimming with the Kim's

It was a warm day on Saturday and some friends came over to go swimming.  We had a lot of fun and Adam is getting braver by the day.  He was loving jumping into the pool (while holding my hands).  I think we need to get him some floaties so he can start learning to swim.  He is pretty anxious to let go of so he can do it on his own.  I, on the other hand, am pretty anxious to keep him alive and hold on tightly.  Dang moms...they ruin all the fun.

Our cute friends, Misty, Tyler, Dallin and baby Bryce.  Bryce was all about sucking on whoever had their hand closest to his face.  That baby is constantly laughing and smiling.  Misty must be doing something right to have such amazing kiddos.

Adam still points at everything.  Even though he usually isn't pointing at anything in particular, I always look to be a supportive mom.  Some day I hope there will be a beautiful unicorn when I turn to look...someday...


Adam with his new buddy.