Playing catch with Daddy

Daddy really can do no wrong in Adam's eyes.  Seriously.  If they weren't so incredibly cute together, I think it would be easy to get jealous of how much of a Daddy's boy Adam is...okay, okay, I do get jealous sometimes...but I love how cute they are together.  Whenever Adam hears keys at the front door, he runs over to it and as soon as David walks in he is yelling "HI DADA!"  Oh my.  They are my most two favorite humans.  I love it.  I mean look at the joy on Adam's face when he is playing with his Daddy:

Check out his chunky thighs.  They are way adorable and very very ticklish.



Karen said...

Yes, it is hard to compete with Dad. Adam is such a cutie pie! I hope that he gets feeling better. We need to hang out!

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