We have had a lot of fun enjoying the sunshine this past month.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the time we spend outside, but when it is just Adam and I, I can't ever seem to get the camera out when I want to without Adam taking off in a full sprint towards something that I am sure will run him over.  The kid never stops!  I love that about him, though.  He is adorable and I love watching him discover the world.

Check him out...he was trying his hardest to get this little guy to pay attention to him.  It doesn't matter if anything is where he is pointing, he just likes to point.  Wherever we are, if someone says hi to him he will point.  Love him.  Also, he is already a ladies man.  These two girls were all about him.  Stud.

No baby was hurt in the taking of these photographs.

We found this track at a yard sale and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Adam takes it everywhere.  


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