Things I have noticed about Washington

David and I were talking about all the differences from where we used to live to here.  We actually get asked a lot about how we like it and what we have noticed to be different.  Here are a few things I can think of.

1.  The people in Washington are SERIOUS about their dogs.  I kid you not, when you go to the store, you will pass at least three cars with dogs inside, see at least one or two dogs in the store, at least one person in the line with you is buying something for their dog and then pass a few more recently parked cars with dogs inside.  Not to mention all the people who live near us that have dogs.  Pretty impressive.  I mentioned it to a friend and she was telling me that it was easier to adopt a baby than a dog around here.  Why would it be hard to adopt a dog?  Well, one red flag was that they had children.  They want the pet owners to be dedicated to the dog and children distract.  I always thought kids and dogs went together like peas and carrots.  Shows what I know...or don't know.  They are serious about dogs.

2.  The people in Washington are really friendly.  I love this.  No matter where I am, there is always one or two people that say hello to me and plenty of others that say hi to Adam.  A big fear of moving was leaving our amazing friends, but I have to tell you that I have doubt in my mind that we will make amazing friends here, too.  Just one more thing that reassures me that we made the right choice.

3.  There are a lot more spiders.  Oh my.  Here at our apartment complex we can rent a garage and did that to store our extra things.  We went to clean it and bought a bunch of bug spray to thoroughly drench it to keep bugs from getting into our storage and when we came back it had forced all the hiding spiders into the open.  We killed at least 4 black widows and many more others.  Needless to say, we keep an eye out for those nasty things.  Spiders.  I can't handle them.

4.   I need to beef up my backing up skills.  It seems like backing into a parking spot is the way to do it around here.  I have seen some pretty impressive moves...moves I don't know if I could do even if I was pulling into the spot forward.  Props to them.

5.  In all the places I have lived, if I needed to find a store or gas station, I could be on the freeway and look for one off of an exit.  You can't do that here.  Trees are everywhere.  Every street is lined with beautiful, tall trees.  There could be a giant mall just off the freeway, but you would never know it.  Thank goodness for signs.  I actually love this.  I would rather have a ton of trees over being able to see a store off of a street any day.  How many places can you say that even the freeway is beautiful?

That is about all I can think of right now.  If I can think of more, I will do another post.


Lish Fish said...

Here. Here is like that. Trees everywhere. Marcus was clastrophobic at first. ;) I love it. LOVE IT! You should come see for yourself...check it out, compare.. I am so glad that you are liking it there! Moves are scary..but change is good. xoxo

Robin Liljenquist said...

That is so funny, #5 is the exact thing I said when we first moved here! I was looking for Walmart in Poulsbo and thankfully I got directions online otherwise I never would've found it. I thought, surely this is not the exit, I can't see it! But it was back there.

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