Discovery Bay, continued.

My mom and I spent a day touring the area that will be the location for a family reunion next year.  It was really beautiful.  I had never been to Port Townsend before and I was not prepared for the fun.  I had brought a swimsuit for Adam for the pool at the hotel, but didn't even think about whether or not we would be going to the beach and actually go in the water.  Luckily his trunks were only a little bit wet from the pool and I had a shirt for him to wear since I didn't think to bring sunscreen.

This is when I was snapping away with the camera and Adam took a running leap into a wave.  At that point I dropped the camera and ran in after him.

After we went in the ocean we thought we were going to head home.  I didn't have a shirt for Adam besides his pajama shirt, so I went with that and the shorts I had brought for the day.  Matches perfectly, I think.


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