Swimming with the Kim's

It was a warm day on Saturday and some friends came over to go swimming.  We had a lot of fun and Adam is getting braver by the day.  He was loving jumping into the pool (while holding my hands).  I think we need to get him some floaties so he can start learning to swim.  He is pretty anxious to let go of so he can do it on his own.  I, on the other hand, am pretty anxious to keep him alive and hold on tightly.  Dang moms...they ruin all the fun.

Our cute friends, Misty, Tyler, Dallin and baby Bryce.  Bryce was all about sucking on whoever had their hand closest to his face.  That baby is constantly laughing and smiling.  Misty must be doing something right to have such amazing kiddos.

Adam still points at everything.  Even though he usually isn't pointing at anything in particular, I always look to be a supportive mom.  Some day I hope there will be a beautiful unicorn when I turn to look...someday...


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