Bounce! Bounce!

We spent our Memorial Day evening with our friends.  They have a trampoline in the backyard and Adam had never been on one before and at first he was pretty hesitant.  Then David got on and showed his mad jumping skills (which I am sad to say I didn't get any pictures of since I was loving just watching).  The girls were so sweet with Adam and helped him get comfortable and he soon was jumping away.  I loved it.  He really likes being around older kids and trying to big like they are.  He picks up things so fast.  It was a lot of fun.

See how nervous he was at first?  He looks so sad.  He quickly realized it was fun.  Like, super-duper fun.

I love the expression on his face right here.  "What?"


I'm not sure if you can tell, but he had a really fun night...

Memorial Day on the USS Turner Joy

We heard about a Memorial Day ceremony that was going to take place on the USS Turner Joy, which is a museum at the shipyard where David works.  I really wanted to try to do something that actually celebrated Memorial Day, since we haven't really done anything like that since we've been married.  We live in an area saturated with the Navy and I have taken on a whole new appreciation for our armed services.  Not that I never appreciated it, but as I get older and the more I learn about our nations history, the more humbled I am by knowing what others have sacrificed for us all.  The ceremony consisted of remarks from Rear Adm. Dietrich Kuhlmann III, commander of Submarine Group 9, as well as the playing of "Taps" and the annual laying of the memorial wreath to remember our fallen. Even though it rained the whole time, we really felt lucky to be able to be there among veterans and family.

Battle Point Park

This park is incredible.  Some friends of ours introduced us to this place and it was instant love.  It is a giant castle and has a roller hockey rink, tennis courts, soccer fields, dog training area, sand box, swings, name it.  It is a bit further away from us than I would like, but it is worth the drive for the fun that is to be had.  Such a wonderful day.

Bubbles?  Oh yes, bubbles.

There was a birthday party going on but they were sharing the bubbles with all the kids at the park.  I love how kind strangers can be.  So many people find joy in making little kids smile.  There is such good in this world and a day at the park can help scare all the bad away.

Strangers were nice enough to let David and Adam in on the bubble making action.  David rocked at it.

Adam would stand by David at the start, but as soon as the bubble was made, he would run after it to pop it.  It was hilarious.  Lots of bubbles ended just as soon as they began.

I love how after all those big bubbles, this guy was still so excited to get a little itty-bitty one.  It's the simple things, right?  This boy brings my heart so much happiness.

Olympic Game Farm

A lot of our friends have told us about the Olympic Game Farm.  It is amazing.  You drive through it and feed the animals with bread.  Buffalo, peacocks, eagles, elk, bears, zebras, deer...and those are just the ones you get to feed.  A lot of them just walk right up to your car and take the bread right out of your hands.  It was awesome.  Adam was in heaven.

After we went through the farm a few times, I checked out the gift store and read a little bout the history of the place.  Turns out this was a place where Disney kept their animal actors back in the day.  They opened it to the public years later and some of the animals are the descendants of those animal actors.  Others were gifts for the public to the farm.  Doesn't that make it all the more wonderful?  It's Disney.  Disney is everything.

I know that the animals are cool and that Adam was excited to see them, but I know that his most favorite thing was that he got to sit in the front seats of the car.  Most importantly when he was on Daddy's lap he got to drive.  He loved it.

The bears were incredible.  They would preform for food.  Wave, smile, sit up.  They would catch the bread in their mouths and sometimes would pick it up with their paw and eat it.  I threw one piece that accidentally landed on his back and he shook it off without skipping a beat.  I love these bears.

I know it looks like he is growling at Adam, but he is smiling.  You could see them smiling.  They would smile, you tossed them bread and then smile again.  SO adorable.

Doesn't this look like the start of a great joke?
So, a donkey and a zebra walk into a bar...

Adam was a feeling a little sick today so he was really tucked out.  He fell asleep pretty soon after we hit the highway.

I love how his top lip is tucked in his mouth.  I love him

Snug as a Bug

Adam is pretty stinking cute.  When he got his new big boy bed, he started tucking in all his little buddies.  Adorable.  Absolutely adorable.