Battle Point Park

This park is incredible.  Some friends of ours introduced us to this place and it was instant love.  It is a giant castle and has a roller hockey rink, tennis courts, soccer fields, dog training area, sand box, swings, name it.  It is a bit further away from us than I would like, but it is worth the drive for the fun that is to be had.  Such a wonderful day.

Bubbles?  Oh yes, bubbles.

There was a birthday party going on but they were sharing the bubbles with all the kids at the park.  I love how kind strangers can be.  So many people find joy in making little kids smile.  There is such good in this world and a day at the park can help scare all the bad away.

Strangers were nice enough to let David and Adam in on the bubble making action.  David rocked at it.

Adam would stand by David at the start, but as soon as the bubble was made, he would run after it to pop it.  It was hilarious.  Lots of bubbles ended just as soon as they began.

I love how after all those big bubbles, this guy was still so excited to get a little itty-bitty one.  It's the simple things, right?  This boy brings my heart so much happiness.


Akina's said...

he is just sooo insanely handsome in those glasses! that boy is just to die for!

Misty said...


SSToone said...

I will have to go here sometime. You're right, Bainbridge Island is a trek!

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