Memorial Day on the USS Turner Joy

We heard about a Memorial Day ceremony that was going to take place on the USS Turner Joy, which is a museum at the shipyard where David works.  I really wanted to try to do something that actually celebrated Memorial Day, since we haven't really done anything like that since we've been married.  We live in an area saturated with the Navy and I have taken on a whole new appreciation for our armed services.  Not that I never appreciated it, but as I get older and the more I learn about our nations history, the more humbled I am by knowing what others have sacrificed for us all.  The ceremony consisted of remarks from Rear Adm. Dietrich Kuhlmann III, commander of Submarine Group 9, as well as the playing of "Taps" and the annual laying of the memorial wreath to remember our fallen. Even though it rained the whole time, we really felt lucky to be able to be there among veterans and family.


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