Penrose Beach

We spent some time visiting another State Park here, Penrose.  It was really beautiful and was pretty packed with visitors since it was a sunny day.  Sunny days are like gold around here.

The placement of Adam's hands while he is on his shoulders looks like he is about to break David's neck all ninja-style.

I'm pretty sure that this was the moment David saw a spider slowly descending onto Adam's head.  Also, Adam found his first sand dollar!  My sister and I collected sand dollars every summer while we were in California.  We found a few more and have started a small collection for little man.

A picture of Adam looking at the camera and smiling?  What?

Adam was watching David throw rocks to skip them on the water and he finally was able to thrown the rocks like his Daddy.  Proud moment.  Skipping the rocks is right around the corner.


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