David and I both want Adam to grow up loving to read.  We take every chance we can to sit down and read with him.  He really loves to listen to you and he knows how to turn the page when it is time to do so.  He actually likes to look at the books more than wanting to stick it in his mouth...which is what he wants to with most everything else (see the bottom two photos for his attack on Eeyore).  I hope he continues to develop a love for books.

O, Christmas tree...

Yes, we set up the Christmas tree yesterday and Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet.  Here is my justification (although I would probably still have set it up without an excuse)...we are spending a week in California before Christmas and I don't want to miss any of the opportunities to wake up to a Christmas tree or staying up late listening to Christmas music, sipping hot chocolate and watching the sparkle of the Christmas tree lights.  Plus, we were so excited to set it up with Adam.  He wasn't too much of a helper, but it was really fun watching him trying to eat the decorations.

Test of time.

My sister sent us all the old clothes for Adam to use.  In them I found a pair of pajamas that fits Adam right now.  I think it is really cute that I have a photo of John wearing them and of Adam wearing them.  What two super cute boys they are.  John was about 1 year to a year and a half old in his photo and Adam is only 9 months old.

Hanging out with Hippo.

Adam likes to ride, pick up, push around, turn over and slobber all over our Hippo walker.  He really hasn't caught on that he is supposed to actually walk with Hippo.  Until he figures it out, it is fun to watch him play with Hippo.  I have even caught him giving the Hippo raspberry noises.  Nice.

Crossing legs.

One of things that Adam does that is David's favorite is crossing his legs.  In his carseat, sitting on our lap, just playing with his toys or reading his books...his legs are usually crossed at his ankles.  I don't know where he picked it up, but he has been doing it almost since he was born.  David is always pointing it out and he gets the biggest grin on his face.  I'll admit, it is pretty darn adorable.

Figuring things out.

It is a lot of fun to watch Adam figure out how to do things.  Lately he is learning how to climb up on things.  I will catch him trying to climb up on the TV stand, but his legs aren't long enough.  I swear he learns a million new things each day.  Today I watched him as he figured out how to get on his hippo scoot.  I was lucky enough to already have my camera in my hands as he did it for the first time.  Catching him in the act doesn't happen all too often.


Adam sure does love being in the tub.  The more water, the better for him.  He loves to splash and crawl around.  I think he would stay in the tub for hours if I let him.  And, of course, photos of him in the bath are some of my most favorite.  I just love this little guy.

First time in snow...

We have snow!  Adam stared at it for about 15 minutes and I figured I would let him see how he liked being in it.  I think he liked looking much more than touching.  Maybe?


Adam is finally big enough to get on the bouncy-spiny zebra that Heather gave us.  He loves it and it just reminds me of how big he is getting.  Today we had his 9 month appointment.  He is officially 31.25 inches long and 23.4 pounds.  I will admit that I get cramps in my arm if I hold him too long.  Shouldn't he be able to walk already?

Who needs 'em?

I went in to get little man out of his crib and I found him dropping all his sleeping friends on the ground.  He just looked up and smiled.

Anita Mae

Last week my grandmother on my mother's side passed away.  A week before she had suffered a TIA, but recovered really well and was able to go home after a few days to watch her.  I was also able to call her at the hospital to just tell her that we love her and that she is always in our prayers.  Then last week she suffered a major stroke on Wednesday.  This time my mom jumped into her car, came to Salt Lake to get two of her sisters and they drove all night to get to the hospital to see her.  When they got there, Grandma Anita was doing pretty good considering the stroke.  She couldn't open her eyes or talk much, but she was able to communicate other ways to let my mom and her siblings know that she knew they were all there with her.  My mom said it was just beautiful to spend those last moments with her and her husband was also there holding her hand.  They took her to go get another brain scan and by the time she came back from that she was pretty much gone.  The scan showed hemorrhages all over and then it was just time to wait for the inevitable.  She passed quietly and completely surrounded by people who love her.  I can't imagine a better way to pass on.

The services were on October 31 and it was just a joy to hear from everyone who she had touched.  It was a happy occasion knowing that she may be gone from our sight right now, we will be with her again.  We love you Grandma Nita.

I wasn't able to get any photos from the funeral because I had Adam on my lap the whole time.  I hope to get some from my cousins that took a lot.  For now, in my files I have found a few photos from activities with Grandma.  Camping in Yellowstone and Alexis Erwin's Blessing.

Bathtime fun.

Adam and I went to Arizona for my Grandma Anita's funeral on October 31 (I will soon do a post about how amazing the services were).  Our friends, Brad and Jessica, we so very kind to let me and Adam crash their house at the very last minute.  They have an amazing home and I am very sure that anyone who goes in it feels the love that their home has in it.  I wish I had got more photos of the trip, but when you are constantly holding a 9 months wiggly little guy, you don't get the chance to pull out the camera.  I did enjoy watching Brad and Jessica's little guy, Brayden.  He could not be any cuter...dark skin, BIG brown eyes, beautiful lips.  And he is walking!!  A 10 month walker.  I don't know if they see it as a blessing or not!  Just kidding.  I really think Adam might be getting ready to walk on his own, too.  He gets braver everyday with letting things go and trying to walk without things.  He'll usually just stand there and eventually fall. So cute.  I need to get a video of it.  Here are the two adorable boys taking a bath.  They didn't beat on each other too much.