Bathtime fun.

Adam and I went to Arizona for my Grandma Anita's funeral on October 31 (I will soon do a post about how amazing the services were).  Our friends, Brad and Jessica, we so very kind to let me and Adam crash their house at the very last minute.  They have an amazing home and I am very sure that anyone who goes in it feels the love that their home has in it.  I wish I had got more photos of the trip, but when you are constantly holding a 9 months wiggly little guy, you don't get the chance to pull out the camera.  I did enjoy watching Brad and Jessica's little guy, Brayden.  He could not be any cuter...dark skin, BIG brown eyes, beautiful lips.  And he is walking!!  A 10 month walker.  I don't know if they see it as a blessing or not!  Just kidding.  I really think Adam might be getting ready to walk on his own, too.  He gets braver everyday with letting things go and trying to walk without things.  He'll usually just stand there and eventually fall. So cute.  I need to get a video of it.  Here are the two adorable boys taking a bath.  They didn't beat on each other too much.


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