Anita Mae

Last week my grandmother on my mother's side passed away.  A week before she had suffered a TIA, but recovered really well and was able to go home after a few days to watch her.  I was also able to call her at the hospital to just tell her that we love her and that she is always in our prayers.  Then last week she suffered a major stroke on Wednesday.  This time my mom jumped into her car, came to Salt Lake to get two of her sisters and they drove all night to get to the hospital to see her.  When they got there, Grandma Anita was doing pretty good considering the stroke.  She couldn't open her eyes or talk much, but she was able to communicate other ways to let my mom and her siblings know that she knew they were all there with her.  My mom said it was just beautiful to spend those last moments with her and her husband was also there holding her hand.  They took her to go get another brain scan and by the time she came back from that she was pretty much gone.  The scan showed hemorrhages all over and then it was just time to wait for the inevitable.  She passed quietly and completely surrounded by people who love her.  I can't imagine a better way to pass on.

The services were on October 31 and it was just a joy to hear from everyone who she had touched.  It was a happy occasion knowing that she may be gone from our sight right now, we will be with her again.  We love you Grandma Nita.

I wasn't able to get any photos from the funeral because I had Adam on my lap the whole time.  I hope to get some from my cousins that took a lot.  For now, in my files I have found a few photos from activities with Grandma.  Camping in Yellowstone and Alexis Erwin's Blessing.


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