Sunday Funday

Well, Adam was sick three Sundays ago and Started to get better throughout that week, then the next Sunday he woke up with a fever again.  This past week was full of a sad little man and trips to the doctor.  The doctor felt that he had gotten sick, started to get better and then picked up something new while his immune system was down.  Since his fever didn't stop until this past Saturday, I was being a little extra cautious and keep him home from church just in case.  I'll be traveling soon and I didn't want to chance him getting sick for that.  Anyway, we just played around all day and hit up a park.  I finally had some time to read up a little on a new lens for my camera.  I love it so far.  I think I need a little more practice to be able to get it down so the photos are more sharp and crisp.

His smile is my favorite.  And his messy hair.  I need to do something with it.

This is the face me made when he drove his car off the side of the table and realized he'd have to get down to pick it back up.  

Adam and David spent a lot of time at this climbing wall.  Adam has become very brave when it comes to climbing things.  He just goes for it...even if it isn't so safe.  We have a ladder at the park at our complex that he can climb all by himself, although there could have been a few falls if I hadn't been there to catch him when his foot slipped.  It freaks me out and he has no intention of waiting for me to get there.  


Just a few pull-ups to end a good day at the park.  This way to the gun show.


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