Just cute.

No other reason for this post besides me just bragging on my baby.

He was "reading" his book and I heard him say "yeah!"  I went over and this is what I found.  I think he is a genius...and I am not bias whatsoever...well...maybe...

Ask Adam for a kiss and you'll get this face along with a very loud "MMMMmmmm".  Although, he also tends to grab a stuffed buddy of his to kiss you if he isn't in the mood to be kissed...just another one of his endearing qualities that have me head over heels for this kid.

These large legos were his Christmas present last year.  He is finally figuring out that they are fun...and David couldn't be happier.  David has ALL his Lego kits he has had since he was a boy.  They are all in a bin in storage and are bagged with instructions.  I'm pretty sure not one piece of any of them is missing.  David is pretty serious about his Legos.  See below for proof.


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