October in review

The rest of October was pretty simple.  Rain had started to set in and we spent more time indoors with not too much sunshine coming through the window for picture taking.  I did manage to get a few, although they aren't the best.

Adam was given a balloon at Fred Meyer for being a cute boy.  I think I mentioned that he has to stop and smell every flower or tree or bush that he sees.  We walked into Fred Meyer right where the florist shop was.  Well, spending about 5 minutes smelling all the flowers was quickly the florists idea of being absolutely adorable and she gave him a balloon.  My worst nightmare.  But thankfully it was mylar and Adam wasn't able to pop it even though he tried to eat it many times.  

Adam keep trying to stand on the empty diaper box and I kept telling him it wasn't safe.  Well, he found out why.  Don't worry, he cried for about 10 seconds until he thought it was fun being in a box.

We played in Adam's room a lot.  Blocks and cars are a big winner these days.

Adam used his Monkeys to slide his face along the kitchen floor.  I should have gotten them wet so I could have gotten a good mopping out of it.

And Adam spent a lot of time stealing all my food.  That was pretty much the rest of October.


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