First Black Eye

Adam got his first black eye and it was a serious one.  He and Daddy were playing and accidentally bonked heads.  David was fine since it was the back of his head.  Adam cried for a bit, but calmed down pretty fast and we didn't think it was a big deal.  It happened on Friday night after Thanksgiving.  No swelling, nothing.  We weren't even sure where the little guy got hit.  Then in the morning we woke up to this:

We figured he hit his eye.  Good guess, right?  Well, then later that day this:

Sunday, this:

He is such a tough kid.  He never acted like it bothered him.  He got a small fever that week, but nothing about his eye seemed to phase him.  Even though we as parents felt like the worst human beings on the face of the planet.  I still can't believe it.



This photo is here just because it is awesome.  As for how he is now, just a little bruising is left.  I am just so grateful there wasn't any more damage.  I still have a panic that he somehow is blind in that eye, but trust me when I say I constantly check his vision.  I am a paranoid freak.  Also, thank goodness I got a photo for our Christmas card the day before this happened.  Otherwise you all would not be getting one.  You are welcome.


Terina said...

When.I got your adorable card that was the first thing I thought, oh good they got pictures before the black eye!!!

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