November in review

November was pretty relaxing.  Rain keeps us indoors for the most part.  I finally got some rain boots today, so I hope that will help me venture out more than I have been.

As you can see, I still have a yogurt thief.  He grabs it from me and runs to the kitchen wall.  I don't fight it...mainly because it's pretty darn cute.  If it were ice cream...then we'd have a problem.  I don't share ice cream.

Relaxing.  I'm pretty sure almost all of these photos Adam is in pj's.  I promise I do get him dressed everyday.  I usually just think to bring out the camera right when he gets up or when he is going down.  You can decide for yourself if what I just told you is true or not.

Pots are a new fascination.  I wash them all the time.

Playing with Daddy.  He is still numero uno to this kid.


Checking out his belly button and then looking super creepy with the flashlight.

Food storage Adam style.


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