Our new life begins...

Here are a few photos from Washington.  We haven't done too much since we've been trying to get unpacked and all situated.  David and Janet did get to Seattle to check out Pike's Fish Market.  They said it was crazy busy.  Adam and I will have to go one day to see what all the talk is about.  

Adam is in love with the baby that sees in the mirror.  Every time he passes a mirror, he gives it a cheesy grin.  Or if he is crying about something, he will run over to see the baby in the mirror crying.  His new thing today is to look at the baby while sticking his head between his knees.  I keep trying to get a photo of that, but no luck yet.  I love this kid.

Yep, David put Adam on the vacuum to teach him how to ride it.  Thanks, babe.

Fountain near the Seattle Ferry station in Bremerton.  Adam could not get enough of it...although I had enough of it about the 5th time I walked around it.

We have a ceiling fan in the dining room of our apartment.  Adam is constantly pointing at it and saying, "what's that?"  He also knows that the light switch will turn it on and off so he'll point at that and come over to whoever is closest and want to be picked up so he can turn it on.  That's my smarty pants bubba.

Adam's new favorite car.  He plays with it all the time and here he is driving it on his chest.  That's what cars do...drive on the chests of babies.


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