Heather lives WAY too far away.

I love my sister, Heather, with all my heart.  Being as she is my only sibling, I can't imagine life without her and her family.  They live way too far away...Kentucky...and I get to see them maybe once a year.  They came to Utah for a wedding on the Erwin side and we were lucky to be able to go spend about a week in Salt Lake to spend time with them while they were here.  It was the first time Heather and her family were able to meet Adam and he sure did take to all of them right away.  I am sure he felt the love they all have for him immediately.  Alexis was like a little mommy to him whenever she was around...making sure he was happy, playing with him, always wanting to hold him and giving him kisses and kisses and kisses.  It is always bittersweet to see them.  I am in heaven when they are around and when I have to say goodbye I pretty much break down in tears.  I love them all so very much.  I miss you guys.


Michelle said...

hey i think i counted 3 pictures of you in that post! way to get away from always being behind the camera...just a little :)

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