October fun.

This month has just flown by it seems.  We have been loving the cooler weather and watching the all the trees change colors.  Fall is our favorite season but it just goes by so fast.  It will be snowing soon and we are doing our best to get as much time outdoors as possible.  David has been working so hard with school.  It is his second to last semester.  He is so busy I sometimes feel like I am a single mom.  I swear single moms are super heroes.  I only have one baby, who is a really good baby as far as babies go, and I get so tired.  I can't imagine the moms out there that work and raise kids all on their own.  Incredible.  I cannot wait for David to be able to spend more time at home with us.  Whenever Adam sees his daddy, he lights up.  Once daddy is home, I am pretty much chop liver to him.  It's okay though, I love watching those two play together.  Here are some photos of the past month or so.

Adam will tell us he is done eating by putting his hands behind his head and leaning back.  No idea how he picked this up but it is sure cute.

Our make-shift playpen for Adam.  He is a mover now and keeping him out of things is hard work.  He is a smart one though.  He's figured out a few ways to get out when we're not looking.  Stinker.

 Adam is always rolling his toys under things and then tries his best to get them.  It is hilarious to see him.  He'll just lay there with his bum in the air until he gets what he wants.


Reuben said...

You guys are great. I'm just sayin'. You guys are really on top. Fantastic work with the kid.

Terina said...

Being Mommy while Daddy is in school is so hard! And you will LOVE having him done! Croix and I sure do! He's so adorable and getting so big! You look fantastic and you're hair is getting so long!

Sara Lou said...

You hair is so long, I love it! I totally know the feeling of chopped liver...but I can't be too sad because, like you said, it's so fun to see Hubsters and the little man wrestle, laugh, and bond.

Kendal and Kendra said...

Loved the update! The photos are amazing. The make shift play pen...our future really soon! I'm worried about our Christmas tree and Kennedy! Can't wait to see you guys again.

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