Christmas Day with the Nani's

We woke up early this morning to a little man who had one full diaper.  We figured that would be a good time to open our presents since we could get that done, get ready and go to Chruch at 9am.  Adam seemed to be more interested in the tree because for a month he hadn't had a chance to touch it since we put it up.  He would grab all the ornaments and pull them off and then try to eat them.  It was fun trying to get him interested in the wrapped gifts for him under the tree.  Finally, we got all the presents unwrapped.  We kept it pretty simple and most everything we got came for our loving family.  Thank you all so much!  There were a few things from us for Adam...puzzles and books and Megablocks.  He made out like a bandit but not so much that we feel we'll need to hide some of the things so they can be used at another time.  Adam has A TON of toys already.  Clothes, too.  I am sure that had no one got him one thing he would never know a difference.  But how can we do that to our amazing little man?  So presents it was.  Anything that has wheels he will flock to.  I love how he is just fascinated with the way they move.  Christmas was incredible and I can't wait for next year and Adam being able to comprehend what exactly this whole Christmas thing is about.  I love it and I love my family.


Akina's said...

karen he is just the sweetedt thing in the whole dang world!! Hope you guys had a very merry christmas!!

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