From Christmas to the New Year, we stayed busy.

After Christmas we had a our friends, the Carpenters, come stay with us for a day or two.  It was fun having them here.  Their two year old, Damon, is a lot of fun and we hope that he and Adam will get the chance to grow up together like their fathers, David and Rob.  You can tell that Damon knows who is boss...he had Adam pushing him on the Lion all over the room.  Adam didn't mind at all.  We were all laughing at the two of them playing together.  It was a fun visit, just lots of relaxing and food.  Thank you for coming you guys!

Then that weekend was the New Year.  Kendal, Kendra and family all came up on Saturday to spend the New Year with us.  We went bowling Saturday afternoon and then spent the evening playing games (the Name Game that Rachel taught us) and about died laughing.  I think it was a great way to start a New and laughter and surrounded by family.  The next day was Church and then we spent some time at the park swinging.  It was such a nice day here...about 50 to 60 degrees.  Then just more games (David was excited about that because he is obsessed with games and should they not happen, he turns into Mr. Cranky-Pants) and more laughter.  Once again it was a great way to start off the New Year.


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