Adam has his own room...finally!!

 Since Adam arrived he hasn't really had a place that was his own.  In our old place, his room was full of a bunch of other things so he couldn't play too much in there.  When we moved, Janet stayed in his room with him and now that he has his room all to himself, we FINALLY made it just for him.  I sure do wish I could go out and buy all sorts of fun things, but we wanted to see what we could do with what we had.  A neighbor was able to cut the legs of a desk we weren't using and it was the perfect size for Adam to use.  Our old ottoman worked as a place for all of Adam's balls.  I wish it wasn't black, but I think I can make it work when I start with the decor on the wall.  Once I am totally done, I will post it.

And finally all of Adam's books in one place.  I can't wait until he is old enough for us to read all these books to him.


Jessica said...

It looks amazingly clean. I added baskets for some color in the same shelving for Brayds toys, it saved my life for easy clean up and hid the mess. So happy for your little family.

MariePhotographie said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the bookshelf, especially!

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