I don't think I can convey the love this kid has for space.  Seriously.  Anything that involves space is like entering Disneyland for the first time to him...speaking of which, I need to take him.  It's a need.  Today we got on the NASA website to check out some photos.  Then hopped onto YouTube for some videos.  I really hope you can just picture the squeals in your mind.  It was hilarious and awesome all at once.  I love him.

On the edge of the seat, gripping the table as though nothing else mattered.

He saw the rocket take off and just screamed in excitement.  I was so so so happy to catch this on camera...only a video would have been better.


Michelle said...

oh my goodness! these are adorable. it's been too long since i last checked in on your blog! he's getting so big...& even has taken on a new look of some sort. hard to tell who he looks more least in these pics :)

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