Bug Museum

Yes, it is exactly what it says it is.  No clever ruse, it is a museum of bugs.  We often drive by this cute little place and today we stopped in to kill some time.  It was pretty fun.  Adam new phrase is, "Cool!  This!"  We try to get him to say, "This is cool!" but no luck.  And that is okay.  He little sayings are the best.  We went through this little museum and everything was "Cool! This!" and he was also saying hi to everything.  I love how brave and curious my little man is.  Nothing really scares him...which can be a good thing, but also not so much.  He has no fear.  He gets that from David, I am scared of everything.  Here are some pictures of our little trip.  As you can see, there is no hope for him to be anything but nerdy.  I'm quite alright with that.  I love me nerds.  Nerds rule the world.

Lots of waving and yelling "HI!"


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