Cape Flattery

My mom came up to visit us a few weeks ago.  We were having a family reunion on the weekend and she came up a week before to spend time with us.  David was stuck at work, so my mom, Adam and I went up to Discovery Bay for the week.  The weather showed one sunny day and we took that day to travel around to see the PNW.  Our first stop was the northwestern most point of the continental US, Cape Flattery.  We had heard it was worth the drive and I will say it definitely was. The was perfect, the water was blue.  It was so scary looking over the cliffs, though.  Adam loved it.  Every time he would see the views, he would say "WOW!!".  He really enjoyed the experience.

Although, the trail at the start was deceivingly nice and easy.  I started out with the stroller, then about a third of the way I picked it up to carry it.  Then about another third of the way more, I left it on the side of the trail.  Note to everyone, strollers are no good.

After Cape Flattery, we wanted to head down to La Push.  I timed it perfectly so that Adam could nap on the drive to La Push.  It worked and I felt like Super Mom.


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