Dungeness Spit

On Friday, I wanted to show the Taylors a few of the sites we were near.  The plan was to hit up the Dungeness Spit, have a picnic lunch and then head to the Sol Duc Falls.  After lunch we found out a few other family members had arrived at Fort Worden, so we ended up skipping the falls and heading there after naptime.

Here are some pictures of the time at the Spit.  The tide was out, so this time Adam wasn't scared at all.  He has also graduated to trying to throw LARGE rocks into the water now.  Ones the size if his head or even bigger.  How he is going to survive, I have no idea.  But he sure did have a wonderful time playing on the beach with his cousins.  I know they aren't his first cousins, but I can't remember what we decided they were actually...so cousins work.  He loved them all.


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