Trying to finish up June 2013, part one.

I really thought I didn't have too much left of June after I finished up the Family Reunion.  I was wrong.  Really wrong.  Turns out we had a lot of fun before last month ended.  I love summer.  I especially love summer in Washington.  And even more with our incredible friends.  It's been a rocking summer this far...and it is just going to get better.  I am one lucky girl.

Bubbles have been a big hit.  Spent the day at the park with some friends chasing bubbles, sharing yogurt raisins and scooting along.

Adam wakes up in the morning and the first thing he will usually say to me is, "I want to see Daddy."  Daddy is a favorite, for sure.  These two have the BEST time playing with each other.

David fixed up his bike and took it mountain biking with his buddy, Adam.  Turned out to be a really rainy day, but that didn't stop them.  The fact that David's brother split open his chin mountain biking a week or two before didn't stop him, either.  What is 20-some-odd stitches when it comes to having fun?  Lucky he came home with only mud all over him...not blood like someone we know...(hmmm...Kendal...)

We played with water on the porch on the days the house was over 80 degrees inside.

Practiced out dice rolling skills for when Grandpa Jack takes Adam to hit the craps tables.

Worked on our fine motor skills...which usually ends up working on our 'clean-up-a-1000-beads' skills.

Played on the bed with our cars.

Played with Olli without tears.  Yeah!  Sharing!

Spent some time with Andrew and Carly.


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oh my goodness sweet pictures!!!

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