That is correct.  It is October 1st today and you know what that means?  July blog posts should be completed.  Except for one part, which is a visit from Grandma Janet and Uncle Kendal, but that was the end of July and into the beginning of August, so it doesn't count.

And here we go.

We found out yet another reason to be cautious when you can't hear your toddler playing in the other room.

We went for a ride on a mini-train in which Adam was in heaven.

Rode down some slides with our buddies.


Played at the spinny park...even got on some big boy toys.

Adorable cuteness alert.

We went swimming with friends, but I ruined it with a migraine.

David and I finally entered the world of smart phones.  We got a free iPhone with our upgrade and I'll admit they are handy little things.  When the only camera you have is a large DSLR, you miss some silly moments that are a lot easier to capture when all you need to do is grab your phone.  We like.

Being cute and trying on mom's "cool pants". I appreciate the fact he didn't put both of his legs in just one of the pant legs to remind me how big my pants really are.

Cutting the zucchini with a spoon and I lost a fight with a toy car.

New scooter.  Dancing in time-out.

"Batman, have you seen Adam?"  Oh, there you are.

Our Bishop bought our scooter.  I think it was to soften me up because he asked me to be the Young Womens President earlier that day.  "Oh, by the way...."

Hunting for sand dollars.

A day in the life of Adam and Olli.

"Hey Olli, want to play cars?"

"No sad, Olli, no sad."  Buddy, sometimes you just can't win with girls.  This is a lesson that you would do well to remember.

Seriously, I know I look awful, but his face is the best thing I have ever seen.  I can't stop laughing.  Don't mind the bags under my eyes.


Michelle said...

so i haven't been blog hopping to friend's blogs for awhile & i'm just loving all these pictures! what action did you use to process these? it's gorgeous! and i love love the baby pictures below this.

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