Janet, Kendal and Running

I'm slowly but surely working my way through all of our summer activities.  Janet came to visit us at the end of July.  It was awesome to have her here and Adam loved every minute of it.  We went to a lot of the State Parks and other fun local things.  Lots of rock throwing goin' on with this boy's boy.

Adam has the cutest run in the world.  Sometimes, when he is really concentrating on running, he will stick out his tongue.  He really can 't be any cuter.

Visiting Daddy at work.


Collecting sand dollars.

David's brother, Kendal, flew in to run the Tacoma Narrows Half-Marathon with David.  They planned it last year and spent all that time training.  it was fun to have Kendal here and show him around our beautiful home here in Washington.  I just wish Kendra and the kids could have come, too.  That would have made it that much better...hint, hint, Kendra!

Here they are checking in.

The race ended in Tacoma, so on the drive over we saw the boys on the bridge and were lucky enough to catch a few pictures.

Here comes David!

Here comes Kendal!

After the race they were stretching and Adam was giving Kendal some "get-better" kisses.  It was adorable.

Good job, guys!

Adam loved having Kendal around.  We sure do miss our family...so you all should come visit soon.  Just a suggestion...


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