Bainbridge Pumpkin Walk

Tonight we went to the Bainbridge Gardens Pumpkin Walk.  We have wanted to see what Bainbridge Island was all about for awhile now.  Adam and I went and picked up David from work and we headed over.  We wanted to have some time to look around and see the island, grab some dinner and then go to the Pumpkin Walk.  It is a beautiful island.  We thought there would be some neat restaurants and as we drove along we couldn't find anything.  We found a little Mexican food place and it was delicious.  David got fish tacos (which means no kisses from me for the rest of the night...eww) and i got a breakfast burrito.  So good.  I love me good food.

We still had about an hour or so before the walk started, so we drove around a bit more, then parked and walked to the gardens.  It wasn't too cold and since we were early, we got there just as they were lighting the pumpkins.  No one else around made it really great for some photos.  Not that I can ever get Adam to really look at the camera...he fights it every attempt.

I am starting to think the only pose I ever get with Adam is looking off at something.  At least I get something, though.  Any photo of me and my bubba is one that I cherish.

This one was right after he hit (punched) me in the face and he knew he was in trouble right when he did it.  The other one is the look we get when he is done with something.  I love the faces he makes.

Okay, so David and Adam were walking ahead of me and I asked David if he had seen the pumpkin with pi.  He came back and I said something about how there were a few with math things.  David walks up and says that they read as a statement.  Does anyone know?  It reads right to left...

They had an awesome group playing music.  Adam was completely entranced by it.  Then he was dancing.  Dancing.  Oh my gosh.  I love this kid.

We had a great time.  I love that Adam is old enough to enjoy all that comes with the seasons and holidays.  Tomorrow we are carving our pumpkins.  I am sure you all know that I will be taking pictures and posting again real soon.


Misty said...

That looks so great! How fun!

Lish Fish said...

Love..... Now what's the answer????

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