I live here, yes I do.

Today after David got off work we headed to Scenic Beach.  I always see the sign for it off the freeway and I say to David that I want to check it out and every time I do, David says to me, "Where's that?"  I am not kidding.  We have had that conversation about 5 times.  Anyway, we finally went...and it was incredible.  The fall has settled in here in Washington State.  The leaves are beautiful and you can smell the season in the air.  It is our favorite season.

'One stick to rule them all.'  Adam was having a great time playing with the sticks.

I love his face in this picture.  It is SO Adam.

Check out his stance.  That's my boy.

Adam saw a squirrel and really wanted it to come play.  It was pretty cute watching him try to get at it.

Look at David....so funny.  In the second photo I am pretty sure he was disappointed that the rock he threw had failed to skip.

These two always are touching noses.  I love them.

I am sure every parent knows how to best keep a kid from falling into something.  The diaper grip is a key move.

'He was really gouging out my eye' is what David said when he saw this picture.  Really?  Looks so enjoyable.

View of the Olympics from the beach.  It really lives up to the name.  We had a lot of fun and we love discovering where we live.  We are so happy here and some days we just can't believe that we get to see this beautiful country all the day long.


AmyJane said...

You moved here at a good time, I have to say. The year we moved here, it started raining on August 27 and did not stop until Thanksgiving, no lie. It took me a bit longer to appreciate living here! ;)

You should a trip to Scenic Beach at low tide sometime......incredible sea life to touch and feel!

NaniKai said...

these pictures hurt my heart...i love you all so much

Kendal and Kendra said...

Ah! Jealous. It looks beautiful We will have to come up and check this place out with you!
Love the pictures on the shoreline!

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