More park playtime

We had some sun this past weekend and so we packed it up and headed to the park.  Adam loves getting out and I love taking pictures in the sunshine.  I have the perfect subject.  That face is going to break hearts.

Adam really wanted to swing Superman style.  He got on, I pushed a VERY small push and over he went.  I was sure he broke his neck, but he quickly laughed and tried to do it again...I quickly grabbed him and put him in the baby swing before he knew what was going on.

Still never satisfied with being normal.  I'm cool with that.

Adam up to his old tricks..."Hello there little lady.  Won't you take my hand?"  Such a flirt.


Unknown said...

i'm in love with the light in these pictures! isn't that a totally photographer dorky thing to say?! haha this is michelle btw- don't know why my google name isn't coming up.

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