Swimming in February

We decided to go swimming.  In February.  First off, I am never ready for swimsuit season in the summer...let alone in February.  Days like this I am extremely grateful I am the one BEHIND the camera.  And it doesn't help that everyone I was with looked fantastic in swimsuits.  AND...it also didn't help me feel any better when I got stuck in the slide..

I would like to start off with this picture.  Complete joy for Adam and complete disgust for me when I think about what is going in his mouth.

Scotty was in heaven, too.

Lazy river fun.

David's face is priceless.  I love this man.

My turn.  I don't have swimming shorts, so I wore a pair of cotton ones since there was absolutely no way I was brave enough to just wear my suit.  I seriously got stuck pretty much the moment we entered the slide.  It was pitch black and there I was holding my son who had no idea what was going on, all the while trying to scoot my way down that stupid thing.  David was at the bottom waiting for us to come out...he snapped a ton of photos thinking we would be shooting out of the slide at any moment.  I am sure I could make a flipbook of the entire event.  We came inching out with me laughing uncontrollably and Adam having to adjust his eyes to the light again after spending 5 minutes in the dark.  I blame the shorts, but let's just say I have a renewed sense of diet and workout motivation.

Typical.  David: "Adam look at mom".  Adam: looks the opposite direction knowing full well what he is doing.

Punk.  Never satisfied with doing things the normal way.  

And then what do you do after spending the afternoon in your swimming suit?  Stop for some Mexican food and then donuts.  It was a good day.


SSToone said...

What a harrowing story about the slide! I understand the whole not feeling good in the slide, but I will be honest that when we were at your place the other day, I was thinking how thin you are! Besides that, that looks really fun! Where is this? YMCA? So fun!

Michelle said...

lol! i LOVE your slide story...and u look amazing as ever! i cud at least see that u still have awesome arms!

Lish Fish said...

Seriously snoted. You rock. And you look amazing. ;)

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