Popsicle Stick Shapes

I actually did something that I found on Pinterest.  It doesn't happen all too often, but this time I am pretty proud of myself.  I found a pin about using popsicle sticks to help toddlers learn shapes.  I wanted to have shapes that Adam could use to outline and I wanted them to be the same size as the large popsicle sticks we bought today.  I'm no professional and they aren't anything fancy, but I am proud of myself and Adam loves them.  I still need to laminate them, but that can wait until tomorrow.

If you want to print some out yourself, download the PDF.  If you want the Photoshop file so you can change colors and such, let me know and I can load those up, too.

Popsicle Shapes Download


Misty said...

VERY cool!

brandee said...

karen these are great and i totally am taking them!! also i have to tell you that your awesome story of the shorts and the slide have motivated me to start my bum working out again. not that i will be in a swimming suit in public (prob in our back yard) but then that may be to public even for me this summer!!! hope you are doing well and miss you. have a great day!

Lish Fish said...

I love these. And I love you. Love reading your posts. Miss you. Wish you didnt live all the way across the country. :/

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