Luggage and Capes

Those two things go hand in hand, right?  The day before we were leaving to Utah we got our luggage out to get things packed up.  Adam found the little suitcase so much fun.  He would just grab it, look at me and say "Bye, see you!" over and over again.  Soon after he had his bath, he put on his Batman cape and then went right back to pulling around the suitcase.  He thought it was the best thing on the face of the planet...and I thought watching him was.  Win-win.

I am still loving how much he likes to wear his Batman cape.  He calls it his "go-go" because when he puts it on we run around the house yelling "go, go, go, go!"  My little nerd in the making.  I wouldn't have it any other way.



Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I love all the pix. I need to get B a cape. Every boy needs a cape! Hope you guys are well!

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